Pr JIANG YUJIAO is no more. The former Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute suddenly died in Beijing last December 3rd 2018, while going for  a special assignment to attend the  Confucius Institute Board of Directors.

This 11 January, 2019, the whole community of the University of Yaounde II paid last tribute to Pr JIANG. The ceremony took place in the main Conference Hall of the Confucius Institute in Soa, and was presided over by Pr Adolphe MINKOA SHE, the Rector of the University of Yaounde II and Board Chair of the Confucius Institute.

Pr MINKOA SHE acknowleged Pr JIANG was not only a good teacher, but she was also an exceptional manager who believed in Africa and gave all her time and energy for the Cameroon-China coopération.

Pr JIANG was born in 1964. She was appointed Director for the Confucius Institute in 2017.